Promoting Natural Farming & Good Health at JITO

by Ved Prakash Sharma on Oct 09, 2023

Promoting Natural Farming & Good Health at JITO

We had an incredible experience at the recent JITO Food and Wellness Story event in Chennai. This gathering was an excellent opportunity for us to connect with like-minded individuals who share our passion for health, fitness, and sustainable living. At the event, we set up two stalls that showcased our commitment to organic farming and Value added products.

Our first stall was dedicated to our farmland projects and products. Here, we proudly showcased our range of organic, chemical-free Bio-Inputs and our high-quality vermicompost and vermiwash. We also took the opportunity to discuss about our various projects, such as organic urban gardening initiatives and vermicompost units designed for both corporates and households with our curious customers. They were also keen to learn about our innovative Food Forest Model, which has been gaining recognition for its sustainable approach to agriculture.

At our second stall, we featured our value-added products. These included solar-dried powders made from the fresh greens, moringa, mint, palak, curry leaf, basil, of our own farms; vadialu, vernacular rice fryums from Andhra Pradesh; delicious fruit rolls, and an assortment of exotic dried fruits and berries. These products not only provide a delightful culinary experience but also support our mission of reducing wastage through solar drying and promote dignified livelihood for the rural women.  

One of the highlights of our experience at the JITO Food and Wellness Story event was the opportunity to engage with attendees who were enthusiastic about health, fitness, and gardening. The conversations we had were more than just discussions; they were meaningful interactions centred around the benefits of organic food, sustainable farming practices, and the urgent need to address climate change. The customers who walked on to our stalls were knowledgeable and passionate about sustainable practices both in agriculture and food consumption.

What truly inspired us was witnessing the growing interest in vermicompost and the transformation of spaces like terraces and galleries into thriving kitchen gardens. It was evident that India is making significant progress in the journey towards cultivating organic vegetables and adopting eco-friendly practices.

The event also provided us with invaluable insights into the latest trends in the world of food and wellness. We were heartened to see the dedication and passion of individuals and organisations alike, all working towards promoting healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.

As we left the exhibition, we were not only energised by the experience but also motivated to continue our efforts in supporting organic farming and making positive changes in our own lives. It's a reminder that the choices we make today have a profound impact on our health and the environment tomorrow.

Let's remember that together, we can all contribute to a healthier and greener future. Our journey at the JITO Food and Wellness Story event reinforced our belief in the power of sustainable living and the importance of working collectively to make a positive difference in the world. And we were overjoyed to see that we are not alone on this journey, our fellow stalls and all the invitees share the same passion and enthusiasm as us!

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