Farmland Development

“Every acre of land which is converted into organic farm is a service to Mother Earth.”

Gratitude farms invites you to transform your land into an organic food forest. Farmland Development Service, aims at developing a high yielding Food Forest Model with highly focused and disciplined operations.

It comes with scientific and standardized land preparation for organic farming, nursery management and plant life cycle management. With Food-Forest Model, Gratitude Farms offer full, focused and expert service which converts unused land into an organic farmland in as little as six months. Typically the food forest model enables the growth of 10 – 15 types of Vegetables, Fruits and Greens and has a potential to yield 10 – 12 tons per year per acre. Through this effort, we are contributing to livelihood of ex-soldiers, local rural women and youth and training them to be organic farming practitioners.

The Food-Forest Model amplifies the 3P approach to agri-business:


  • Livelihood of ex-soldiers and rural women
  • Staggered plantation calendar to ensure round-the year harvesting and economic benefits


  • Regenerative farming with over 100+ fruit trees, 10,000 vegetable plants in 3 seasons in every acre
  • Low Food Miles
  • Water-conservation techniques : low-cost rainwater harvesting, drip and rain hose systems, IoT based controls for irrigation
  • Re-using biomass as compost
  • Prevention of food-loss through solar drying of VFG

Profits (sustainable income):

  • High replicability across agro-climatic regions globally

Features : Design

  • High Density, High Yielding Organic Farming Model
  • Multi-Cropping Model optimized for 5 acres of Farmland
  • Staggered Planting schedule to ensure steady supply of vegetables, fruits and greens round-the-year.
  • Automated fertigation and drip system for water management
  • Standard and high quality organic nutrients or pest repellants
  • Disciplined operations with an Ex-Soldier as Farm Manager
  • Continuous training and monitoring for quality.