About Gratitude

Established in 2018, Gratitude Farms Private Limited is an agri-tech start-up, based at Pondicherry. We specialise in Natural Precision Farming and On-Farm value addition with an integrated marketing / sales model.

The company has been co-founded by two ex-Army Officers and two Technology Professionals. We are a Social Impact Enterprise working towards dignified livelihood and entrepreneurship opportunities for ex-servicemen, rural women and youth through Natural Precision Farming and On-Farm value addition.

Our Story

Today, we live in a fragile world, where natural ecosystems and resources are depleting in rapid proportions. In our journey to find the solutions to these issues, we quickly learnt that they weren’t to be found in complicated textbooks and research; but rather in the hands of the rural communities that punctuate India’s landscape. The recipe to a sustainable future lies in the practices of grass-root groups and villages, that don’t often get a voice.

Our Vision

Make Indian Agriculture natural (chemical free) and sustainable

Our Mission

To help convert a 10 Lakh Acres of agricultural land to Natural Farming in next 10 years; and in the process, help 100,000 ex-servicemen, rural women & youth to become Natural Farming entrepreneurs. Developing ex-servicemen as Natural Farming entrepreneurs not only helps them with their individual economic needs, but also has the potential to become a true Nation-Building activity by unleashing Natural Farming revolution for small farmers through this initiative.