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Delivery Network

We have developed an effective and fast delivery network which brings the products to your home or office up to 48 hours.

Pick ups

Check our local pick up spots – you’ll be amazed how close we are to you 🙂

Everything Organic!

This is our motto and we are experts in delivering the best 100% organic foods in the market. Working with more than 60 farms all over the country we are able to delivery always fresh products.


We are distributing a big variety of products such as Diary, Meat, Bread, Drinks and more.

How we are different?

Our consultants will help you to choose the best plan according to your needs. Note that we can also arrange a custom plan specially for you.

All in one place

Yes, we have it all – Diary products, Meat, Bread, Drinks, Eggs and more!

Almost 16!

We are working with farms and organic products for almost 16 years and to be honest this is the best job ever – to see the people smiles when they try our tasty berries or fresh milk!

100% Professionals

We have contracts with major organizations from in and out of the country. We have received the Best Organic Food of The Year Award 2013.

Daily Menu

Stay tuned to our website for new recipes and menus every day – jam-packed with specifics such as food quantities and other statistics!

Click here to check out the Recipe of The Day and other exciting offers in store.


Chill, they do not hurt your diet.

Salmon and tagliatelle

High omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.

Fruit salad

Bedtime Vitamin bomb.

What’s Our Story ?

  • Today, we live in a fragile world, where natural ecosystems and recourses are depleting in rapid proportions. Society drifts further away from practices of preservation and renewability.

Why Choose Organic ?

It is More Nutritious

Organic food has more nutrients than non-organic produce – more than 60% antioxidants for starters.

No More Nasties

Why add a dose of pesticides, chemicals or processed additives to your diet when you are better off without it ?

It Tastes Better

Yes, it is true!Just a short while after you start cooking with organic produce, you will start noticing that your food tastes fresh and flavourful – and you will surely want more of it!

It is Better for the Environmental

As harmful chemicals are not used in organic farming, there is minimal soil, air, and water pollution, thus ensuring a safer and healthier world for ourselves and future generations.

Be in Tune with Nature

Going organic meansaligning your diet with nature’s cycle – with produce grown as per the season, rather than food that is artificially made to grow or ripen.

It is an Investment

It is a myth that organic food ‘has’ to be more expensive than conventionally grown vegetables.

Organic Statistics

Organic Bio Labels