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Who Are We ?

Gratitude Farms Pvt. Ltd. is a venture that hopes to invoke a wave of change and sustainability in India’s agricultural ways. Our goal is to help transform ex-servicemen and members of this country’s youth into conscious entrepreneurs and agriculturalists.

We not only help train ex-servicemen, rural farmers, and youth in traditional and organic methods of agricultural production, but we also serve as a direct whole sale platform for the produce collected. Our overall objective is to enfranchise individuals to become conscious and independent enterprisers.

What’s Our Story ?

Today, we live in a fragile world, where natural ecosystems and recourses are depleting in rapid proportions. Society drifts further away from practices of preservation and renewability. We have forgotten to care for the substances we put in our bodies, but more importantly what we sow in our earth. And at the end of the day, we are what we eat. If we continue exploiting our soils and its fruits, our bodies soon reflect that abuse.

In our journey to find the solutions to these issues, we quickly learnt that they weren’t to be found in complicated textbooks and research; but rather in the hands of the rural communities that punctuate India’s landscape. The recipe to a sustainable future lay in the practices of grass-root groups and villages, that don’t often get a voice.

Thus, Gratitude Farms was born. We aim to act as an organised catalyst for rural empowerment and community-based agricultural models. With a team of professionals from the corporate and rural development sectors, our goal is to develop rural entrepreneurs and grass-root leaders to transform villages for greater self-reliance.

What Is Our :


A new India with sustainable and vibrant rural communities.


To develop and support 5,000 ex-soldiers and their family as self-sustaining organic farming entrepreneurs in next five years.

Meet the Team

Major VP Sharma (Retd)

VP Sharma is a technology professional with over 34 years’ global experience in Telecommunications / Networking domains.

Brig Rakesh Kaul (Retd)

Brig Rakesh Kaul has over 33 years of distinguished military experience as an officer in the Corps of Signals, Indian Army.

Suresh Subbarao

Suresh Subbarao is one of the co-founders of Gramonnati and Gratitude Farms. His entire 36-year career has been with technology companies.

Ayushi Sharma

Ayushi Sharma is a graduate from Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education (SAICE), Pondicherry. She has done her Masters in Energy Strategies

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Organic Farming

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