Unlocking the potential of Underutilized Lands

The Farmland project, pioneered by Gratitude Farms Pvt Ltd, is a visionary initiative dedicated to transforming underutilized lands into thriving hubs of regenerative agriculture. Spanning across 15 to 20 acres or more, our project operates on a 5-8-year contract period, breathing new life into neglected landscapes.

Our Mission: Soil Health, Sustainability, Success

At the core of our mission lies the adoption of a food forest model, integrating regenerative agriculture principles to restore soil health, enhance biodiversity, and bolster ecosystem resilience. We aim to reverse the effects of climate breakdown by sequestering carbon in the soil, combating environmental degradation one acre at a time.

Harvesting Sustainability: Eight Pillars of Farmland Development

  1. Improving Soil Fertility: Through the incorporation of organic carbon, promotion of beneficial soil microbes, and provision of essential nutrients, we rejuvenate soil fertility, paving the way for bountiful harvests.
  2. Water Conservation: From rainwater harvesting to innovative irrigation systems, we prioritize water conservation to ensure efficient resource utilization and sustainable farming practices.
  3. Vermicompost and Natural Inputs: Our dedicated production unit supports farm operations with nutrient-rich vermicompost and natural inputs, minimizing reliance on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.
  4. Commercial Nursery Creation: We cultivate a diverse array of crops, from vegetables to medicinal plants, in our commercial nursery, generating viable farm income and fostering agricultural diversity.
  5. Solar Dehydration Unit: Transforming farm produce into high-value products with extended shelf life, our solar dehydration unit maximizes profitability while reducing food waste.
  6. Bamboo Cultivation: By cultivating bamboo, we enhance the carbon credit of our farmland while exploring the economic potential of bamboo-based value addition.
  7. Farm Tourism: Engaging urban communities with the beauty of natural farming, our farm tours promote sustainable agriculture and connect consumers with the source of their food.
  8. Beauty and Aesthetics: Our Mandala Garden exemplifies the harmony between agriculture and art, creating a serene environment that nourishes both body and soul.

Join the Movement Towards Sustainable Agriculture

The Farmlands project invites landowners to embark on a journey of regeneration, where environmental stewardship meets financial success. Together, we can cultivate a future where agriculture thrives in harmony with nature, ensuring a legacy of abundance for generations to come.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can become a part of the Farmlands community and reap the rewards of sustainable agriculture. Let's grow together, for a greener, healthier planet.

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Our Current Projects

AVA Farm, Thiruvallur

AVA Farm, spanning nearly 40 acres, is situated north of Chennai in Vengal Village within Thiruvallur District. Boasting two expansive poly-houses and two farm ponds, the farm nurtures a diverse array of tree crops, including Mango, Guava, Lemon, Moringa, and Papaya, complemented by seasonal horticultural staples like Tomato, Chilli, and Spinach. Through our vermicomposting operations, we've achieved remarkable success, harnessing the capacity of 32 bags to efficiently generate approximately 25.6 tonnes of nutrient-rich vermicompost per harvest. This invaluable by-product not only fortifies soil health but also serves as a cornerstone resource for sustainable farming practices. Furthermore, we've transformed our farm into a hub for Farm Tourism, dedicated to showcasing and disseminating the principles of our Natural Farming Practices, thereby fostering education and awareness within the community.               

 Ava Farm Ava Farm  

Gratitude Farms

Gratitude Farms stands as a testament to our pioneering efforts in transforming barren, fallow land into a flourishing oasis of microbial and carbon-rich farming practices, all nurtured through organic nutrients. Through meticulous selection of tree crops such as Papaya and Moringa, alongside seasonal varieties like Curry leaves, Gourd varieties, tomatoes, spinach, hibiscus, basil and lemon grass, we've ensured robust growth even in our tropical climate. Our farm serves as an exemplary centre for technology-driven farming models, boasting three distinct aquaponics systems and various organic farming experiments. These innovations significantly enhance our efficiency and sustainability, setting new benchmarks for modern agriculture. It has 24 bag Vermicompost unit to meet the farm manure requirement and supply local farmers. Gratitude Farms remains a revered temple of learning, embodying four years of relentless dedication to organic farming practices, and stands proudly as one of our finest accomplishments.

Gratitude Farm, Pondicherry    


Nestled on a 10-acre expanse, located 50km south of Hyderabad in Telangana, lies our vibrant haven: a once-barren, dry farmland transformed into a thriving, multi-layered food forest. This meticulously structured model boasts essential components including a nursery, water storage sumps, a vermicompost unit, and a solar dehydration setup, all integral to its sustainable functioning. With a primary focus on cultivating Moringa and Papaya, alongside an array of fruit trees such as custard apple, pomegranate, and guava, our farm embraces biodiversity and abundance. Thoughtfully designed plots cater to the cultivation of tomatoes, chilies, and various other vegetable crops, ensuring a harmonious blend of productivity and ecological balance.

Shadnagar Farm

Auroville Demo Farm

At Auroville, our overarching mission is to cultivate farmlands that serve as shining examples of small-scale sustainable agriculture. Our objectives are multifaceted: firstly, to develop half an acre farmland as a model of high-yield, high-density natural farming practices, drawing inspiration from the food forest model pioneered by Gratitude Farms. Secondly, we aim to demonstrate the value additions such as solar drying of farm produces as well as enriched vermicomposting, further enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of our agricultural endeavours. Additionally, we seek to create replicable farmland development designs, facilitating the seamless adoption of our model across other farmlands within Auroville, and beyond.


Balanagar Farm

Gratitude Farm has taken 20 Acres of Farmland Development Project at Balanagar Mandal near Shadhnagar of Telangana State. The farmland development initiatives started from the scratch from land preparation, multigrain sowing and rotavating to enrich soil fertility. This project primarily focus on Tomato, Bird Eye Chilli and high-value medicinal plants.

For more details pls contact us: Mail: info@gratitudefarms.co.in, Mobile: 9360903652