Milestone for Gratitude Farms: Our First Solar Dryer installed in J&K

by Ved Prakash Sharma on Apr 13, 2024

Milestone for Gratitude Farms: Our First Solar Dryer installed in J&K

On 10 Aug 2021, we installed our first Solar Dryer for a farmer in the remote village of Mantalai in Chenani Tehsil, Udhampur District, J&K,

Not many know that thousands of tons of high-quality fruits get wasted every year in J&K because the orchards are either in remote locations with poor road connectivity to markets or because they remain unsold.

We recently setup our office in Udhampur, J&K, to work with farmers, rural women and ex-soldiers for solar drying of fruits. We are being supported by Indian Army, local District Authorities and Horticulture Department for grass-root livelihood projects through Solar Drying of fruits, herbs and mushroom.

About the Solar Dryer Technology

Solar dryers are a simple but high-impact technology solution. They help in removing moisture (and hence removes perishability) of the vegetables, fruits, herbs and mushroom while retaining the nutrition, taste, colour and aroma of the original product.

One of the key design considerations for our solar dryers is that they must be rugged, resilient to extreme weather conditions and need very little repair and maintenance. Our Solar Dryers have been designed by a team from IIT Madras and manufactured by Aspiration Energy, Chennai.

Advantages of Solar Drying:

•      Reduces wastage of fruits and vegetables.

•      Source of good income, as solar dried products can be sold at better prices.

•      Quick Return on Investment (ROI) – less than 18 months.

•      Efficient way to dry perishable vegetables and fruits

•      Less space requirement for drying

•      More hygienic than drying outside in the sun

•      Near zero maintenance costs

•      Environment Friendly: Free and Clean energy

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Majestic Pears and Apples from J&K

We plan to implement 100 solar dryers in next 3-4 months in J&K.

If you would like to know more and / or support us in our J&K Solar Drying Projects, please contact us at