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Introduction to Urban Organic Gardening

Are you interested in a small and beautiful kitchen / terrace garden for growing your own organic vegetables?

Do you like the idea of seeing a tiny sapling growing everyday and giving you fresh greens / juicy vegetables in less than 60 days?


If yes, then this 3 hours workshop is for you! Gratitude Farms is happy to announce

“Know Your Food. Grow Your Food. Introduction to Urban Organic Gardening”


Programme Schedule
Venue Dates Timing
Sharanam Training Centre,
Pondicherry (Lake Ousteri)
Click to Locate
17-Aug-19 Every Saturday 02:30 p.m. to 05:30 p.m.


Training Fee: Rs. 1000 + 18% GST




  • Different types of urban gardening methods and their designs: Backyard, kitchen garden, balcony garden, terrace garden, mandala garden, community garden, etc…
  • Homemade compost, organic manure, bioinputs and pest repellent preparation.
  • Varieties of vegetable herbs and greens and its planting methods.
  • Companion plants, suitable varieties and sowing cycles based on season and weather pattern.


You carry with you :

  • Two planter bags (medium / large size)
  • Growing medium: Organically Enriched Cocopeat
  • Organic Bio- nutrients and Bio-pest repellents (for four months for up to 10 plants) :
    o Panchkavya (250 ml)
    o Neem oil spray (100 ml)
    o Bio-Josh XL + Bio – Micro-min (100 ml),
    o Nutri-boost: Leafy Green Plants (100 ml)
    o Bio-Protect (100 ml)
  • One set of home garden seeds (5-6 varieties)
  • Cloth Bag
  • Home Garden Guide
  • One Year Free Support (Online / WhatsApp)


Free Refresher Workshop after 3 months for each participant


Welcome to the world of Urban Organic Gardening!


Register for the programme now!


Programme Brochure 


The programme aims to create awareness on the benefits of healthy organic food and the solutions to shift to organic food in an urban setting. Urban vegetable gardens allow you to live a healthy lifestyle by growing your own food in your own homes in innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly ways.

Through this workshop you will gain hands-on experience to set up and maintain small scale organic vegetables garden in your home


Anyone who is interested in growing organic food in their homes (rooftops/ terrace, kitchen garden) or in community spaces around their homes.


What Will You Get From It?

The programme aims to create awareness about the benefits of healthy organic food practices. It also offers solutions to help individuals and communities shift seamlessly to organic nutritional habits in an urban setting – via urban vegetable gardens.

Urban vegetable gardens allow you to live a healthy lifestyle by growing food in the comfort of your own homes by using innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly ways. This workshop allows you to gain the knowledge and confidence you need to maintain your very own small-scale organic kitchen garden.


Special Features

  • Hands-on learning in sustainable farming practices
  • Interactive sessions with organic farming experts and experienced farmers at the Gratitude Organic Farm located near Pondicherry
  • Focus on urban vegetable garden designs
  • Special sessions on setting up and managing a herbal garden


Workshop Overview

  • Sustainable farming methods and practices for different crops across different sowing cycles
  • Soil enrichment, seed identification and nursery creation
  • Bio-inputs and compost preparation
  • Pest and disease control methods during harvesting
  • Processing and packaging the final produce
  • Business planning and marketing of organic farming products


Where Will It Take Place

TheSharanam Campus is a pristine residential training facility in the outskirts of Pondicherry, near Lake Ousteri. Developed and managed by the Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry, the campus has been recognised as one of most environment-friendly designs by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

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