Urban Organic Farming


Convert your Rooftop into an Organic Farm

Gratitude Farms has partnered with Living Greens, India’s first and largest Urban Organic Farming Company that has created innovative products to convert un-used urban spaces to bring to its customers a helpful way to grow their own food and eat nutritional and healthy food.

The portable farming system gives you an opportunity to utilise the space on the rooftop of your home, school, colleges or corporate offices and convert it into an organic farm of small sizes with high yield of vegetables in one year. These vegetables are not only fresh and homegrown but also easily accessible and rich in nutritional content.

  • Safe and 100% fresh organic vegetables.
  • Zero food miles.
  • Grow veggies with just one bucket water/ unit.
  • Coverage of more than 95% seasonal veggies.
  • Can grow herbs and fruits* as well.
  • Gives better heat control and hydrological benefits to the building.
  • Contributes to reduction and filtering of polluted air.

With the Portable Farming system, we provide

  • Seeds, Saplings for one year
  • Organic Input Kit (Nutrients and Pest Management) for One Year.
  • Design and Implementation of the Unit on your rooftop
  • Initial Training and Planting.
  • three free monthly visits by our organic farming expert
  • Online / WhatsApp / on-call support for solving problems for one year.
  • Online Instructional Videos and Trouble-shooting guides.

It is much more than growing Organic Vegetables on your rooftop ….

Our Portable Farming System is not just a medium of growing organic vegetables, it is a way to bring organic lifestyle into your home.

Be part of an ever-growing community of urban organic practitioners

By the end of one year, you will be an expert in urban organic farming and can become a true change leader for the organic movement in your community.

For Live Demonstration,

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Chennai: Coming soon.

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