Sainya Krishi


For many ex-servicemen in India, retirement failed to bring ease in their lives. Several of these men eventually undertook work that did not utilise the best of their physical and mental disciplinary capabilities. Additionally, over the years India has witnessed a reduction in the number of joint family set-ups. This has left numerous retired soldiers with divided and minimal land holdings.

That’s why Gratitude Farms believes in recognising and maximising the skillsets these ex-servicemen have to offer, for a greater good. This is the primary objective behind our initiative, SAINYA – KRISHI. This socio-business programme aims to mentor retired army soldiers to become organic-agricultural entrepreneurs. Through simple training modules, these men can be equipped with the tools and knowledge for small-scale intensive organic farming.

SAINYA – KRISHI is also structured in such a way that it allows all of its participants to practice cultivation across various landscapes in India. We plan to guide these potential entrepreneurs to use two-acre plots from their personal land holdings for agricultural businesses.

The overall goal is to help these men reach a place of economic independence through traditional organic cultivation. The on-ground support from seeding to harvest is provided through the Gratitude Farms agri operations management centre – equipped with latest technology and management practices.

Our Call to Action

The roots to our call to action boils down to two primary issues :

  • An increasing number of retired servicemen are seen to have reduced land-holdings due to the erosion of joint family models in the country.
  • The agricultural sector’s national contribution has dropped down by 17% – thereby creating a serious vacancy for grassroots leadership.

We at Gratitude Farms wanted to capitalise on every ex-soldier’s dexterity, discipline, and adaptability for a virtuous purpose. These qualities also served as a viable solution to the desperate need for grassroots entrepreneurial leadership.

Here’s How You Can Help

Support this small-scale organic business in finding success through your purchases.

All organic produce can be purchased from the e-commerce section our website for a direct to home delivery.

They can also be found at retail outlets at some of our various corporate premises.