Urban Organic Farming

In 2020, as we witnessed the pandemic shake the very core of human society to its bare necessities, it was clear what is most essential to human wellbeing – our health, our connection to community and our environment.

We at Gratitude Farms, intend to make it possible for urban society to restore the lost connection our ancestors once had with the food they ate. This journey promises to deepen not only our relationship with food, but also with our health, with nature and with the essence of life itself – something that the city inadvertently stole from us and our children in its path to progress. We invite you to participate in Urban Sustainable Community Farming (USCF) initiative.

Gratitude Farms Pvt Ltd aims to promote the concept of Locavore –  someone who is committed to eating food that is grown or produced within their local community or region. By taking Know your Food and Grow your Food movement forward, we encourage urban communities to buy locally grown vegetables by supplying organic vegetables and other farm produces and at the same time tries to enhance their skills to grow their own food by organizing urban organic vegetable garden trainings and setting up urban vegetable gardens in their premises according to their needs and wish.