Fruit Pulp Rolls are dehydrated forms of natural fruit pulp products eaten as snacks and desserts. They do not contain artificial flavours or preservatives.

They are flexible sheets containing concentrated fruit pulp, a moderate amount of sugar or no sugars, and binding agents made from citrus peel.

100 grams of natural fruit pulp rolls are comparable to 500 grams of fresh fruit or 250 grams of fruit pulp giving an alternative option for the kids who typically dislike eating fresh fruits.

Fruit rolls are rich sources of dietary fibre, carbs, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants when the fruit pulp is dehydrated. Fruit rolls taste exactly like real fruit by use of 100% fruit pulp.

Fruit rolls, which are good sources of dietary fibre, help people avoid constipation, which is common in children and the elderly.

Fruit rolls with added and natural sugars give rapid energy to the children and serve as a supplement to other foods and help them to achieve their daily energy needs. Fruit rolls are just as high in antioxidants: Vitamin C and Vitamin A as actual fruits. Fruit rolls has much fewer calories per serving (less than 100 kcal) than many other snacks that are higher in calories per serving (between 250 and 300 Kcal) and are made of fats, processed grains, and more added sugars.

Fruit rolls are a cost-effective and practical value-added alternative to natural fruits as a source of several nutritional components.

Fruit rolls are a healthy substitute for confectionery since they lack fat, cholesterol, and trans fats and have a low salt content. Children and older age groups enjoy eating fruit rolls because of their appealing texture and nature.

Name of the Fruit Roll Ingredients Nutritional Facts per 100 grams of product (Approx. values) % daily value based on a 2000 Calorie diet
Guava Guava pulp, Sugar, Liquid glucose, Acid regulator (E330), Class II preservative (E224) Energy- 350 K cal 17.5%
Protein-1.4 g 2.8%
Fat- 0 g 0%
Fibre-3.16 g 2.9%
Total carbohydrates-85 g -
Vitamin C-13 mg 17.9%
Mango Mango pulp, Sugar, Liquid glucose, Acid regulator (E330), Stabilizing agent (E440), Class II preservative (E224) Energy- 360 K cal 17.9%
Protein-0.8 g 1.6%
Fat- 0 g 0%
Fibre-5.6 g 5.2%
Total carbohydrates-96.5 g -
Vitamin C-25 mg 17.9%
Apple Fruit pulp, sugar, liquid glucose, acid regulator (E330), stabilizing agent (E440), class II preservative (E224) Energy--293.4 K cal 14.4%
Protein-1.15 g 2.3%
Fat- 0 g 0%
Total carbohydrates-85 g -
Total Sugar-47 mg -
Vitamin C-14 mg 19.17%
Assorted Fruit Fruit pulp, sugar, liquid glucose, acid regulator (E330), stabilizing agent (E440), class II preservative (E224) Nutrition Values are combination of Apple, Mango & Guava as all three are kept as assortment