A sustainable farming model that integrates the growth of plants and fishes in a recirculating system. With this futuristic technique, we aim for premium quality produce along with innumerable environmental and cost benefits.

We keep on bringing in innovations in different aquaponics models, elevating efficiency standards step by step. We train andΒ  motivate people to practice this highly profitable technique and transform themselves into sustainable farming entrepreneurs.

The major benefits of Aquaponics are

  • Over 90% saving of water, since the same water is recirculated 300 times before changing.
  • Up to 4 – 6 times higher yield per sq.m of land used.
  • Pure organic vegetables.
  • Ease of setting up in any terrain, geography or season, since it is a soilless form of agriculture

Environmental benefits include:

  • Less food miles (local food production) and zero carbon footprint
  • No pollution or soil erosion
  • Zero use of fertilizers – thereby reducing cost and

Increasing health benefits:

Our Low-Cost-Aquaponics model, addresses the prime need of food security for rural communities and in low income groups in urban areas. The system requires an area of merely 40 sq m, barely more than the size of car park in a home / office. In this small space, we can provide grow 1,400 kg of nutritious organic vegetables and up to 200 kg of fresh fish per year. This is adequate supply for nutritious vegetables and greens and fish for up to 3-4 families in the community for their entire lives. Over 300 different varieties of vegetables, greens and fruits have been grown and tried out in aquaponics systems.