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Gratitude Farms Introduces Organic Farming to School Students

21 February 2019

On the 21st of February a group of 40 students from Stanford International School visited our Gratitude Farms.  The aim of this visit was to introduce to the students the basics of organic farming and explain to them the importance of growing food in a pure and ecological way.

First, the students listened to our trainers, Parthasarathy and Ayushi, talking about what it means to eat healthily and how a healthy diet impacts their growth and well being. The trainers also explained simple rules of organic farming and water conservation methods used on the farm.


Then it was time for a tour around our farm. First, the students visited our Aquaponics system where Ayushi explained the workings of this system and showed them big water tanks with growing plants.

Next Parthasarathy and Manikand presented to the students a simple but very effective water irrigation system that has been installed on the farm. After that, the students visited our mandala garden where the trainers answered all the questions that the students had.


We finished the workshop  with a short sharing session during which each student talked about their impressions of the farm and what they learnt from the training.