Two-Day Training on Aquaponics

Duration : 2 days (Residential) Date : Coming Soon Training Fee : Rs. 8,000 + GST Pre Book Now  What is Aquaponics ? Aquaponics is a system of growing plants/crops in water that is used to cultivate aquatic organisms –it is thus a combination of fish farming and hydroponics. As the fish eat and grow, they produce waste. The waste-infused water is used as fertilizers for the plants, which in turn absorb the nutrients from the water. The water is then re-circulated back to the fish culture thanks thereby serving as a natural cycle of cultivation. What Are The Benefits

Introduction to Urban Organic Gardening

Are you interested in a small and beautiful kitchen / terrace garden for growing your own organic vegetables? Do you like the idea of seeing a tiny sapling growing everyday and giving you fresh greens / juicy vegetables in less than 60 days?   If yes, then this 3 hours workshop is for you! Gratitude Farms is happy to announce   “Know Your Food. Grow Your Food. Introduction to Urban Organic Gardening”   Programme Schedule Dates Day Venue Training Open to 23-Aug-19 Friday Intellect Arena Campus, Chennai Only Intellect Arena Employees 24-Aug-19 Saturday Sharanam Training Centre, Pondicherry Everyone 30-Aug-19 Friday Intellect

15-Day Intensive Training On Organic Farming

About The Program Duration : 15 Days (Residential) Date : Coming Soon Training Fee: Rs.15,000 + GST Pre Book Now Why You Should Attend If you would like to start your own commercial organic farming practice on your land (holding size of a minimum of two acres), sign up here! While we encourage retired soldiers and their families to participate actively, this workshop is open anyone and everyone who has an interest in organic farming and sustainable nutritional methods. What Will You Get From It? Upon completing the training, participants will: be able to design, plan and setup their own