‘Water’ The Issues

Over the last decade, India continues to struggle in ensuring nation-wide food security. Studies also indicate that a major hurdle in this battle is water mismanagement. With each passing day of climate change, the country’s water crisis continues to worsen. Not only does it hinder food productivity, but it often forces agriculturalists to adopt harmful and wasteful farming practices.

Gratitude Farms strongly believes that every citizen has the right to access affordable and safe nutrition. With a growing demand for sustainable cultivation methods, our Aquaponics system offers a solution that involves both modern technology and tradition.

When Old Meets New

Aquaponics is a technique that can be used for large scale organic farming across all geographies in India. This unique combination of AQUA-culture (fish farming) and hydro-PONICS (growing plants in water) is a modern implementation on a traditional farming technique.

Aquaponics uses a source of water that is continuously recycled for cultivating organic produce, while simultaneously using fish waste as a chemical free nutrient supplement for the sowed plants.

Why Need One Good Reason When You Have Eight!

Aquaponics offers these eightmajor benefits :

  • You end up saving over 90% of your primary water source! This is because the water used through an Aquaponics can be recirculated 300 times before needing to be changed
  • Aquaponics can provide a yield up to 4-6 times higher (per sq.m of land used)
  • It allows for purely organic produce
  • It can be installed easily in any terrain, landscape, or season!
  • It ensures for a zero-carbon footprint
  • It causes no pollution and damage to the girth of the soil
  • There is absolutely no need for fertilisers – thereby bringing down your costs, and boosting your health
  • The beauty of the Aquaponics model lies in its simplicity. It is designed for easy installation and use – achievable in a mere span of 3 to 4 days. Once implemented, it can also be deployed and managed by one person.

Simplicity Is Key

The innovation in this solution lies in its design. It’s easy to learn, install, and operate.

With the initial efforts of digging a pit, the Aquaponics system can be deployed in a matter of 3-4 days. Once it’s up and running, it can be easily managed by any individual.