Creating The Chain

Agriculture is an interdisciplinary field that requires systematic training and effort. However, several marginal farmers have been ignored from the process of regimented labour and knowledge related operations. This furthermore results in an unpredictable yield of produce. Gratitude Farms has recognized a need for a replicable, adoptable, and reliable network technology and contributors to help these small-scale farmers attain maximum production.

The Agri Operations Centre, a social impact innovation by Gratitude Farms, aims to transform the agricultural sphere in India by equipping marginal farmers with the most profitable organic farming practices. The mission is to transform 5000 retired soldiers and their families into self -sustaining organic farming entrepreneurs in next five years.

Two Way Street

The Agritech model uses a regulated approach to organic farming and is based on high-density organic farming (or what we call creating a ‘Food Forest’). This refers to cultivating multiple crops, through data-driven traditional farming techniques, in small plots of land to generate all year-round produce. The farmers under this programme will be the primary beneficiary and easily replicate the design across varied climate-zones and geographies.

Such an operation front not only comes with high scalability and large data analyses, but it caters to the needs and development of its participants; with the help of an advisory board that monitors and evaluates activities in real time. The Agritechcentre hopes to aid sustainable rural development by harnessing the dual potential of organic farming and the leadership of ex-servicemen.

At The Agri ‘Centre'

The people who benefit from this system will also be the ones responsible for its success. The two primary groups of contributors in the Agritech model are :

  • The agronomists who design the final framework of the Food Forest, as well as the processes and techniques that need to be implemented.
  • The farmers who serve as the entire motor function of this system.

Digitising Farms

We use CropIn, a cloud-based Farm ERP software that helps manage multiple farms.

This operational monitor surveys, analyses and regulates farmer practices and yield predictability. This technology also allows for a long term data set filled with complex agricultural data from various farms.

It lends itself to a higher quality of analytics in this field.