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Agriculture Minister of Pondicherry visits Gratitude Farms

7 February 2019

On Thursday, 7th February 2019, Gratitude Farms had a notable visitor- the Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture Pondicherry, Shri. R. Kamalakannan.

 He was accompanied by the Joint Director of Agriculture, Shri Sivaraman, who had already visited our farm earlier. Duly impressed with our state-of-the-art Aquaponics facility, he had promised to bring the Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture to visit. 

We are currently growing pure organic greens and vegetables through aquaponics; by the time the year ends, we would have to frown almost 18 tons of it in a small fraction of an acre).

 Gratitude Farms CEO, Major VP Sharma showed the live facility to the Minister and explained the triple advantage of Aquaponics viz. 90% water saving, 4-6 times higher yield, and pure organic vegetables. The minister, being a farmer himself, immediately understood the huge potential of Aquaponics’ technique of farming.

Major VP Sharma elucidated the idea of “Organic Pondicherry” and the need of extensive awareness and trainings for rural as well as urban communities in Aquaponics and conventional organic farming.

 With support from the Government, we aim to take our efforts forward for four types of trainings: 

  • One day/half day training sessions for school children of all ages. 
  • 15- Day intensive residential trainings for ex-soliders and farmers. 
  • Urban/ rooftop organic gardening trainings. 
  • Aquaponics farming for rural communities.